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Desktop Wallpapers for Valentine's Day

It's that wonderfully romantic time of year again and everyone here at DotConcepts was in the mood for a bit of fun. Here are the results of a contest between our full time designers to produce a Valentine's themed desktop wallpaper. Each design was required to include a heart of some kind, but otherwise, our designers had free reign to express their individuality. Which one do you think should win?

Entry One - Heart of Darkness

When explaining his entry, Dave said: "Look, I'm a guy and you started off badly by making me use hearts. I'm no slouch when it comes to romance, but there's just nothing manly about a heart unless Chuck Norris is ripping it out of your chest. Still, I gave it a go and went with a darker, more mysterious take on my entry. I think I win just for the sheer amount of torture involved!"

Entry Two - Love is not Written on Paper

My entry this year was about juxtaposing the soft quality of paper with hard colors and sharp lines. Many historically famous relationships thrived on passion while walking that fine line between overpowering love and steamy hatred.

Entry Three - Vibrancy


Our final entry this year comes from Beth, the youngest designer on our team. She says "I think I bring youth and flair to my designs and I really wanted to show that in my entry this time around. I'm all for big and bold and standing out from the crowd."

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