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Help! Why was my Company or Organization's Wikipedia Article Deleted?

On a good day, Wikipedia is a confusing website to get started using. Having an article deleted from Wikipedia can be one of the most frustrating parts of the process. Since Wikipedia frequently deals with attacks by spammers or less than ethical SEO firms, companies may find getting an article on Wikipedia more difficult than they had imagined.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Using Web Services

We're far from the days when a simple informational website was your only option, but how do you decide what web services are right for you business?

New Drupal Module: Audio Field with SOX Utility Support

Drupal's handling of audio and video isn't always intuitive. In fact, sometimes it can be down right painful. When a client approached us about needing to convert their entire stock of audio files for use on their new site, we quickly realized that the perfect solution just didn't we made one.

Hi-Res Textures: Rust

One more hi-res texture pack, this time a few different shots of rusted metal. We found an old kettle drum like grill that had interesting spots and streaks of rust and took a few shots. These can be a great resource for grunge designs and other spots where you need just a bit of texture to set things off. Grab any one image or download the zip file for the entire set.

Hi-Res Textures: Old Barn and Weathered Material

In our quest for new and interesting design textures, we checked out an ancient looking barn. With some unique brick, weathered wood and paint textures and a few things we couldn't even identify, it turned out to be a lot of fun. So if you're designing and need to put on an old, classic touch, you might find these resources useful.

Hi-Res Textures: Nature, Bark and Mottled Ground

Another set of hi-res textures from a beautiful park we visited recently. In addition to several bark textures, there are some interesting shots of ground cover. These resources are great for designing when you need a natural or woodsy feel in your textures. Download one or grab the zip file for all the images in this pack.

Hi-Res Textures: Concrete

A texture pack containing images from a recent trip out to a construction site. This is a small package, with three high quality images of a variety of concrete types. Designers just can't ever have enough textures lying around. Great for grunge backgrounds or anything that needs a moderate feel to it. Download one or grab the zip file for all three.

Design Resources - Tooltips and Annotation

Whether you're looking for a smart and customizable tooltip implementation or want to display annotations or image captions in a clever way, there's bound to be some inspiration for you in this list. Our developers rounded up some of the best, most unique and just some of their favorite tools.

Desktop Wallpapers for Valentine's Day

It's that wonderfully romantic time of year again and everyone here at DotConcepts was in the mood for a bit of fun. Here are the results of a contest between our full time designers to produce a Valentine's themed desktop wallpaper. Each design was required to include a heart of some kind, but otherwise, our designers had free reign to express their individuality. Which one do you think should win?

Design Resources - Calendar and Clock Widgets

As a web designer, you get a lot of use out of these top quality open source widgets for producing a variety of different date and time widgets. Whether you're looking for a crisp calendar display, a unique timelines or just want to add functionality for easy date picking, you're bound to find something here that meets your needs.

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